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Secular Humanist Society of New York

Humanism is the philosophy of life guided by reason and science, freed from religious and secular dogmas, motivated by an appreciation of life and the lives of others, seeking to reach goals of human happiness, freedom and understanding on this earth, in this life.

SHSNY is an Affiliated Local Group of the Council for Secular Humanism and the Atheist Alliance International, and are a Charter Chapter of the American Humanist Association.

6th Annual SHSNY Day of Reason Brunch

Sunday, May 4th, 12 Noon, at historic Pete's Tavern 129 East 18 Street (at Irving Place)
Brunch, Presentation & Discussion
with guest speaker Tyson Gill
Why Is It So Hard to Apply Science and Reason to Real Problems? (And how can we do better?)

Tyson Gill is a research scientist and a passionate evangelist for fact-based thinking. Our selective abandonment of reason to belief, he contends, compromises our fundamental decision-making capacity, both in small personal matters and in critical public policy. A frequent columnist and speaker on a wide range of related topics, Tyson is the author of Belief in Science and the Science of Belief: A Guidebook to Fact-Based Thinking, and will discuss how to apply scientific rigor to everyday decision-making, to verify facts, avoid logical pitfalls and belief-driven biases, and use fact-based reasoning to make moral and ethical decisions.

Don't miss this lively, informative talk, and join 40 or more of your fellow freethinkers for one of SHSNY's best annual get-togethers.

Brunch is $25, all in. Save 20% ($5) by reserving now.

Use your credit card or paypal to prepay.
Or mail your check, made out to "SHSNY", to:
SHSNY, PO Box 7661, FDR Station, New York, NY 10150-7661.
Questions? Call (646) 922-7389, and leave a call-back number.

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